Leading Team : Tips

How we can motivate our team and bring efficiency into whatever we do. Hiring good is a well known challenge and so is managing people. Here are few pointers for managers…

  • Explain your team members what do you expect from them and what should they expect from you? Analyze if there is any mismatch and fix that. Remember this will change as per the role/experience level of your team member.
  • Set the appropriate goals. Also explain different levels of performance evaluation with respect to each goal i.e. When they will be exceeding the expectations and when they will be meeting the expectation. e.g. If someone at senior level is just doing the job and not taking initiative and ownership she is not meeting the expectations.

  • Set the weekly objectives and push people to make sure they achieve that. You must hold everyone accountable and bring ownership. These small wins and sense of achievement can do wonders.

  • Have flexible work hours however don’t forget to set core hours where everyone should be approachable.

  • Make ‘connect’ with your team members, be fair towards everyone and towards the organization need.

  • Bring objectivity and data points in whatever you do and how you evaluate people. Specially during performance reviews, be detailed and thorough.

  • Do not accept mediocracy and always keep the bar high.

  • Encourage and reward taking risks and moving fast.

  • Give freedom to your team and create opportunities to bring the best out in your team.

  • Ship code frequently.

you must work towards creating a high performance environment and everyone needs to align themselves towards this common goal. As you bring on new people you have to make sure they are aware of your team culture from day one. An amicable on-boarding process could be very helpful here.