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leading team : tips

How we can motivate our team and bring efficiency into whatever we do. Hiring good is a well known challenge and so is managing people. Here are few pointers for managers…

  • Explain your team members what do you expect from them and what should they expect from you? Analyze if there is any mismatch and fix that. Remember this will change as per the role/experience level of your team member.
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What is in name?

Appropriate naming conventions and consistent naming patterns are followed while writing code but have you wondered if you can apply the same thing in real life? or if your organization is also promoting same thing in any communication they do or whatever artifacts they create?

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Twiscala: Twitter Clone in Scala

In this article I am going to talk about how to build a small twitter clone using Play Framework 2.1 , Scala as front end and Redis as backend. NetTuts+ has a very good article on the same topic with Mysql as backend and also has a case study of building twitter clone using php as front end. However my motivation behind this post is to understand how data modelling in redis works . Since NetTuts+ already has a source code of frontend therefore I just tried to reuse the same.

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Technology as Fashion

In today’s world we are fortunate enough to have so many technologies, frameworks and open source projects to help us focus on solving business problems and build great products. There are certainly more than one options to solve any problem therefore it becomes equally important that technology to solve the problem is very well aligned with your business goals and maximizing the shareholder’s returns.

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Scrapy: run using TOR and multiple agents

Scrapy is a brilliant and well documented crawler written in python. Though it is not as scalable as Apache Nutch but it can easily handle thousands of sites easily. You can get up and running very quickly using the official documentation. Tor gives you power to keep your privacy and security.Tor can hide you so that website can not track your identity. You may read more about TOR in official site. However Tor only works for TCP streams and can be used by any application with SOCKS support.

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Scala, SBT and IntellijIdea boilerplate

As I started delving into facets of Scala language I spent a lot of time in figuring out various tools for better productivity. Finally I was up and running with the basic setup though after lots of efforts. Therefore I am writing this post to help other newbies in setting up the basic project structure so that one may start being productive immediately. Before starting on how to setup things, please make sure you have
1. giter8 installed. If you are using typesafe stack like me you will have it as typesafe-stack-folder/bin/g8.
2. sbt 0.12.1 installed.

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Linq to Sql: Dynamic Sorting without using Complete Dynamic Linq Libraries

This problem may occur while implementing sorting in GridView. If a storedprocedure is being used either dynamic sql can be created or multiple of case statements can be used. However what if you are just using linq queries. Here are the options

Using Dynamic Linq Some work arround so that linq query can be generated at runtime. Essentially 2nd approach is the same as that used in 1st one. But if you just want to implement sorting and do not want to digg into Dynamic Linq libraries you can follow the article…

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